Build SmartDel Excel Add-In

We have already written the macro SmartDel and assigned a keyboard shortcut <Alt>+<Del> to it. Now save the project as an Excel add-In to make it convenient to use the macro.

1. Add the description of the add-in.
Open the menu (Files->Properties) and use the Summary section of the dialog box to specify the following fields: Title (add-in name. It will be displayed in the list of installed Excel add-ins) and Comments (brief description).

2. Set a password
You can protect the source of the project using a password. Right-click the name of the project in the VBA editor and select the VBAProject Properties menu item. Specify that the project must be protected on the Protection tab and type the password twice.

3. Create the add-in
The functionality of the add-in is ready, now you should save it to a file with the .xla extension. To do it, open the File->Save As... menu and use the file type list (Save as type) to select the last file type – Microsoft Excel Add-In (.xla). The folder for saving the add-in will be automatically changed to

C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Microsoft\AddIns\

That's where you save the add-in.

Now each time you start Excel, it will automatically load the add-in and you will be able to use the macro SmartDel in any project. To do it, you should select the necessary range of cells, click <Alt>+<Del> and the macro will clear all cells that contain numbers leaving cells with text and formulas unchanged and theformatting of all cells will remain unchanged.