Excel Template to Compare Tournament Predictions

We'd like to present a simple Excel Template to consolidate and compare different tournament predictions. With this template you are able to set actual match results and evaluate any prediction against it.

How to use the spreadsheet:

  • Macros should be enabled
  • Set points to evaluate predictions. Default values:
    • correct result (Win/Draw/Lose) - 3 points
    • correct goal difference - 5 points
    • correct goals number (F/A) - 1 point
  • Press Alt+F8 and execute "ClearPredictions" macro
  • Press Alt+F8 and execute "LoadActualResults" macro: select world_cup_2018.xlsx file with actual tournament results
  • Press Alt+F8 and execute "CreateLeaderboard" macro to compare predictions at "Data" sheet (first row contains file name of each prediction, last row contains total points)