UEFA EURO 2008 Schedule

UEFA EURO 2008 Schedule is a free spreadsheet with a calendar of all the games of the tournament and a group standing of each team. Designed as a Excel project, UEFA EURO 2008 Schedule automatically calculates the standing of every team without the use of macros. Schedule works very simple – all you need to do is to fill in the gaps of the teams with scores. Using the match results you provide, UEFA EURO 2008 Schedule will automatically define the position of teams in all four groups as well as quarter finalists, semi finalists and, of course, finalists.

UEFA EURO 2008 Schedule is available free of charge from the Excely.com internet site. The calendar speaks 30 languages and supports different time zones. Just download it, extract the archive and enjoy the comfort of the automated game calendar.

Test the final stages results to see what results your favourite teams need to qualify for the play-off stages. This way, you will make your own prediction, amazing your friends with all the posibilities you can find, without having to wait for the press to publish their analysis.

Download EURO Cup 2008 Schedule

Zipped Schedule (without installer)

Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Lithuanian, Catalan, Hungarian, Romanian, Dutch, Danish, Malti (Maltese), Slovenian, Finnish, Croatian, Serbian, Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Greek, Russian, Azerbaijan, Uzbek, Turkish, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay (Bahasa Melayu), Arabic, Chinese