FAQ: World Cup 2006

Q. Are teams sorted correctly in a group if they score the same number of points?

A. Teams were sorted incorrectly in groups in the versions of the calendar before May 3, 2006. Now this bug is fixed, all alculations are carried out according to 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany official documents: Regulations (Page 40, 41). We apologize for this bug.

Q. Can you send me the password to the calendar protection?

A. Sorry, but we cannot send you the password.

Q. Is there a PDA version of the calendar?

A. Unfortunately, no. The PDA version will be released if we find a way to protect it.

Q. I want to translate the calendar into my native language

A. We will be glad to add your translation. Please translate phrases from this file and let us know.

Q. How is it taken into account when European countries switch to the daylight saving time?

A. In the calendar, GMT+2:00 corresponds to the daylight saving time in Germany. Please adjust your clock using some online time converter :)