Rugby World Cup 2007 Schedule

AceFixtures for Rugby World Cup 2007 is an interactive match schedule delivered in a datasheet format for MS Excel. It uses no macros, automatically allocates the team positions by the game results you enter and has a number of distinctive features making it a valuable helper for any rugby supporter. If you want to observe the development of the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2007 in detail and see any schedule changes right away, then AceFixtures is the kind of irreplaceable tool that you require. Enjoy rugby as never before with AceFixtures!

Rugby World Cup Schedule works very simple; all you need to do is to fill in the gaps of the teams with scores. Using the match results you provide, Rugby World Cup Schedule will automatically define the position of teams in all four groups as well as quarter finalists, semi finalists and, of course, finalists. The allocation is done by AceFixtures without the use of a single macro, as the tool is delivered in a simple XLS file, which guarantees the absence of any spyware and harmful script. You will get a handy schedule for Rugby World Cup 2007 events and have no problems with macros.

Besides viewing the match results and schedule for the future competitions, you can see the exact time and location where each game event takes place. This feature will be of much help if you plan to visit some of the games personally and book the tickets beforehand. What’s more, Schedule allows you to highlight the name and matches of the team you support. It will make the observation more comfortable as the eye-catching colors will inform you where, when and with whom your team is going to play. AceFixtures for Rugby World Cup 2007 is an easy-to-use fan helper. Take full advantage of Rugby World Cup Schedule to have a great supporting experience!

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